br-aboutFull Service Massage in Bedford TX from Body Retreat Day Spa
At Body Retreat Day Spa in Bedford TX, it is our goal that our clients have the healthiest, most relaxing experience possible. That’s why we offer so many full service spa services, including massage therapy, body wraps, foot spa packages, skin care, specialty skin care, specialty treatments for hands and feet, hydrotherapy and additional add on services to complete your experience with us. You’re sure to find the perfect combination of full service massage with Body Retreat Day Spa!

You may be wondering more about what some of these massage services are, so let’s take a look! We offer several different types of massage therapy, including couples Swedish massage, Swedish/Relaxing/Pregnancy massage, Deep Tissue/Sports Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Aromatherapy massage. Couples massage therapy is for couples to unwind together while getting a massage in the same room. Swedish/Relaxing/Pregnancy massage is a therapeutic massage session designed to relax away stress and tension. When you have areas of discomfort or sore muscles from injury, exercise or fatigue, you will want to try our Deep Tissue/Sports Massage where pressure will be applied to tight areas in order to loosen them up. Hot Stone Massage is great for a warm relaxing massage experience. Finally, our Aromatherapy Massage features customized essential oils to help sustain your body, mind, and soul. This head to toe treatment helps to facilitate toxin elimination, strengthen the personal immune system, and establish healthy body equilibrium.

What are the Benefits of Hydrotherapy Services from Body Retreat Day Spa?

At Body Retreat Day Spa of Bedford TX, part of our full service massage includes hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy consists of using water for therapeutic and treatment purposes. With our Hydrotherapy Bath with Aromatherapy, you will experience the relaxation power of an herbal bath coupled with jets that will sooth away aches and pains. Our Oxygen/Infrared Sauna treatment is designed to provide your body’s cells with the oxygen they so desperately need! In doing so, you will also eliminate toxins, bacteria, and anaerobic viruses as well as increase white blood cells and slow the aging process! Our Body Retreat Salt Glow treatment removes dead skin cells from the body and exfoliates using sea salts and essential oils to reinvigorate your skin!